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Ringlands Bay, Narooma
Weather Station
The weather station in use is the Davis Vantage Vue, and these pages are updated every 15 minutes. The meteorological day used at this station ends at 9am.
Extremes for 2023
Highest32.8°C at 3:18 PM on 16 March
Lowest11.1°C at 5:40 AM on 09 March
Highest Daily Min32.8°C on 29 January
Lowest Daily Max18.4°C on 05 January
Highest Daily Range19.1°C on 07 March
Lowest Daily Range2.2°C on 30 January
Highest Heat Index35.3°C at 2:17 PM on 18 February
Lowest Wind Chill11.1°C at 5:40 AM on 09 March
Highest Apparent35.5°C at 11:37 AM on 16 March
Lowest Apparent10.6°C at 6:24 AM on 05 February
Highest Dew Point25.2°C at 12:37 PM on 29 January
Lowest Dew Point5.6°C at 1:16 PM on 03 February
Highest Humidity98% at 7:06 AM on 03 January
Lowest Humidity23% at 4:41 PM on 07 March
Total So Far247.6mm
Highest Rate134.0mm/hr at 11:11 AM on 21 January
Highest Hourly Total22.6mm at 9:09 PM on 08 February
Highest Daily Total86.0mm on 08 February
Longest Dry Period8 days on 17 January
Longest Wet Period8 days on 06 March
Highest Gust27.8kts at 2:42 PM on 14 January
Highest Speed15.1kts at 3:21 PM on 14 January
Highest Wind Run194.3nm on 14 January
Highest1030.11hPa at 12:43 AM on 21 March
Lowest987.14hPa at 6:24 PM on 02 February
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